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My word its been a long time since i put anything new on here.

So to rectify that heres something new. Its pretty much my definitive website. I’ve been wondering for ages in what context to present my work. Since i do lots of different things and they have different identities (he he i said tities) i couldnt decide wether i should have different sites for poetry and for art and for books but in the end i had the opportunity to create a proper website thet has pictures and links and rss feeds (as soon i work out what they are and how to use them) and everything. So i put it all on the one site. Its not finished yet and is still pretty basic but eventually will ahve as many bells and whistles (as well as usefull stuff…and things).

Its called things and stuff and you can find it here

Please go and have a look and tell me what you think.



Alternative press fair 2010

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Ok so the COMPLETELY FREE Alternative press fair is 1 year old this February (Saturday 13th to be exact) and to celebrate were having FREE evening special times to commence after the FREE fair.

The details are as follows:

12 noon till midnight: A day of zines, comix, poetry, radical literature, printmaking and anything else self-published! Come along, browse, buy, swap, chat, laugh, drink, eat, for FREE.

6pm onwards: A FREE party of sorts! there’ll be music, DJ’s, spoken word performances and open mic so bring your creative endeavors and come and join in its gonna go off! (in a good way)

Did i mention it was FREE!!!!

Good. Cause it is.

All being well I’ll be selling my comics and greetings cards as well as being available for general chatting and merry making purposes and later on ill be performing some poetry.

And just in case that wasn’t enough heres some flyers to tell you what I’ve already said only prettier.

Theres rumers going round that there’ll be a things to make and do workshop including live screen printing and all sorts of other creative stuff!

If any of you guys are excited enough about this to tell all your mates then please do so by turning their attention towards this blog or our official website here:

Be well my friendly peeps!


Are you Zine Friendly?

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It on Thursday Night at the Foundry see here


bring your zines, books comics and all things handmade and sell, swap or create new.

Theres a poetry work shop by miss Ceri May and if your into knitting bring your wool and needles (knitting needles!).

Might be some sort of freestyle word play later on.

Some of it might be in my voice.

That is all. See you thursday peeps.


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New Etsy store!

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Ok so i know what your thinkin’. If only there was a place where I could go and purchase items of poetry filled drawing-tastic loveliness on such subjects as ice cream induced evil, sweetie fueled feline zombie action and metallic cake making? Well fear not loyal subjects there is an answer and you’ve got first dibs, you lucky people.

My new Etsy store is now live, you can buy all 5 comics aa well as greetings cards and coming soon, art prints and t-shirts.

Its well wicked! You knows it.

Go to

for the skinny.

(there’s also a direct link on the right hand side under blogroll ->->)


its time to get serious.

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ok as you can probably tell from my blog history ive been a bit of a lazy bar steward since i started this in July. The time for dilly dallying is over. Its time to get serious so here goes.

Ive been playing open mic nights fairly regularly for about a year now as well as helping to run a one off spoken word night at the Griffin back in July (for the Alternative Press Fair).

Im usually to be found reading or comparing at ‘Y tuesday’ which is a lovely little poetry night in Clerkenwell see here

I’ve wrirtten a poem for Richard Tyrone Jones ‘Utter’ prime numbers night which is at the Whitechapel Gallery on Thursday 22nd although i wont be there to read it meself (im going up north to see me mum for her birthday, aww!)

On the comic front Ive just put the finishing touches to my latest book entitled ‘Hobo vs Wino part II’. Thats right there is a part one and is available (along with other stuff) from me at a comic and/or zine fair near you soon. Alternatively you can buy direct from me once ive got me paypal account sorted oot.

Watch this space for news on that.

Speaking of comics fairs, I have a stall at the comica comikett at the ICA, London on Sunday 8th November. see here for more

It’d be dead good to see ya.

Also my stuff will be on sale at the next ‘are you zine friendly?’ event on the 12th of November at the Foundry, London. Details here

Now for some pictures of my covers, just to give you a taste of the sort of stuff i do.


The subject of my first book. Evil Steev is a) French b) evil and c) addicted to ice cream. Poor luv!


Poopahsoo! was book number two! that even rhymes dont it? Once she was a queen, now she’s just pissed off and full of telekinetic powers!


My third book was all about these two jokers! Angie San is a scientist and Meekay Robotto is her faithful robot servant. Did i say say faithful servant? I probably meant slightly useless but adorable creation didnt I? Yep I did mean that.


My fourth book entitled ‘Hobo vs Wino’. They weren’t always so scummy, it all gone wrong for them but don’t worry they’ve got a plan.

cover a4

the aforementioned book number 5.

Hope that was informative.

till next time peeps


gigedy gigedy (reprise)

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Ok so i played the  ajar mike last tuesday and it went really well even though there was a tube strike and only two of the four contestants tuned up, and i didnt win!

I dont mind really, I had a great time and Anna Mae Selby (who won) was a worthy adversary.  

Got some good feed back and listened to some wicked poetry. 

id recommend these guys

Mike Freedman. Dirty, filthy and definitely tongue in cheek (i hope)

Alan Wolfson. Funny, rhymy and a very clever.

Niall Spooner-Harvey. An excellent performer and a sweet and lovely man. 

as for gigs and stuff im performing at the Tuesday Poetry Club @ the three kings pub on the 7th July see here for details

and at Poetry at the Park in Hyde park on the 26th of July. 

more details to come im sure.